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Steel is the best of high-rise buildings earthquake information

Many of the structures in China, with the advent of natural disasters, many people began to question what kind of house to have better seismic performance? More and more high-rise buildings, steel seismic effect how what? In accordance with the seismic level from low to high, can be divided into several cases, civil engineering structures in rural residential earthquake is the worst earthquake collapsed the 90% Second, masonry, 6 layers to 10 layers. Due to the large brick, brittle strong; the third is the bottom frame structure, as the bottom frame structure, commercial outlets, a large brick structure beyond 2 layers, because the two materials have different hardness, lightheadedness, after the earthquake potential Easy collapse.
Strong earthquake framework, public buildings over 10 floors; better framework wall structure, better pure shear wall structure. There is a steel structure is the most powerful used in shopping malls, passenger terminal building, is also widely used in countries such as Japan earthquake, flexible, able to absorb earthquake damage, but the cost is high.
Currently, more than 30 layers of high-rise buildings are mostly frame shear wall structure, the earthquake building structure is not very good, performance is very good. According to reports, a reinforced concrete shear wall structure, high stiffness, the level of acceptance to strong intensity earthquake. So do not look tall, depending on the key building structure.
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