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Steel "spoiler" to the industry, bringing innovative green building industry

October 21, the National Bureau of Statistics released data show that from January to September, the national residential new construction area 917.54 million square meters, down 13.5%; real estate sales area 771,320,000 square meters, down 8.6%. Even if housing prices firm as a former wide north-tier cities, also is facing price cuts sound estimates. Earlier in July north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-four first-tier cities for the first time the chain fell, new houses second-hand housing garnered spared.
In this regard, some analysts believe that the traditional real estate "order to win" mode in the "new town" of the background will be difficult, the new industrial production green building industry will continue to "spoiler" of traditional real estate. In addition, as people become more diverse housing needs (spatial diversity, environmental health), will also be further positive green building industry.
Steel "spoiler" of commercial and residential
Data show that the first quarter of 2014, net profit rate of listed room rate slipped to about 13%. The real estate industry has been forming for years concrete construction industry construction mode, management and operation of means is no longer consistent with sustainable development, environmental protection and new town development needs, construction companies toward green transformation has become the external demand.
Throughout the competition all walks of life changes, changes in key technologies often lead to the change of status of the industry. The rise in green building industry today, users seeking better seismic performance, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building properties more humane living experience, it is lashing potential momentum building industry changes. Insiders said that, from a macro point of view of today's construction industry structure, steel construction business is the bird brought "catfish effect" of the "spoiler", a symbol of a more scientific and more green construction development.
There are professionals said, after years of development, our ability to innovate steel housing rising, the matching system is improving and building more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and safe new homes, has become the consensus of industry and society.
Hangxiao leading green building industry
In 2013, the Ministry of Housing in the "" five "green buildings and green eco-city development plan" put forward to the implementation of green building censorship, provide strong support for the green building industry. With the new urbanization of step by step, to support green building industry will be growing to Hangxiao dedication led to the development of steel enterprises steel housing, will in the next five to 10 years of competition occupy a more proactive position.
It is reported that Hangxiao latest "steel beam combiner structure housing systems" has been successfully applied for national patents. Once large-scale application of the technology system in the steel structure housing construction, as mobile phone access to the Internet as having far-reaching significance. This is not just technical innovation, more importantly Hangxiao will combine technology and business, the industry's first innovative business model, thus changing the entire industry.
Hang Xiao Chen Rui, vice president of the author, said the technology system to apply the "steel beam" as the core, the steel structure housing this can be increased under the premise of 5% to 8% of indoor room rate, but also further enhance the residential Living space for floor living area assessed more. In addition, the strong "steel beam" Wall also significantly enhance the seismic performance of buildings to ensure the safety of lives and property of tenants.
"Modular design, standardized manufacturing, assembly of construction, information management and customized development, so the construction industry 'geeks'." Sui to author, significantly reduced the duration, bringing the corporate finance, engineering cost management, human services in all aspects of reduction. Especially in high-rise residential financing costs hundreds of millions of years, the duration is halved mean a direct increase in the tens of millions of net profit, making steel residential construction cost draw even lower than traditional concrete housing possible.
The industry believes that the future of a large number of no core technology, relying on traditional architectural pattern of survival of small and medium housing prices will face "Ebb Tide" market competition; even the old real estate magnate, if not actively involved in new technological innovations to go, It is also likely to fall to the ground as the leading industrial technology "revolutionary wave".
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