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Steel residential construction costs and mechanisms to seek opportunities for improvement

Steel housing benefits as rain soak into the depths heart general, around a lot of boilerplate steel housing turned out. However, the current steel structure housing hard to let the world become an industry recognized and accepted that it can be said that thunder, little rain. Local governments have issued over file boost development of steel housing, and to encourage developers, 20% reduction per square meter to be built project costs. Although the policy is very favorable, steel residential housing construction rate in the city is very scarce. This situation is the industry interpreted as higher steel construction cost and the lack of effective mechanisms for results.
The industry believes that currently faces two steel residential customers: end users and developers. Both client acceptance of steel structure residence there is a certain degree of difficulty. From the developer is concerned, the cost is the main factor to consider, there are few places we have built steel residential buildings, through estimates, its cost per square meter is 20% higher than concrete buildings. There is a system of cooperation between building systems and compatibility. From the owner of view, the concept can not fully accept the steel structure housing out from the traditional "Qin brick tile" mode.
Some experts said that due to the technical and supporting steel structure residential products not yet fully mature, such as fire prevention, anti-corrosion, supporting walls and floors lacking respect, from building construction point of view, its sound insulation and thermal inertia is not easy achieve the target of concrete, and higher project cost and domestic people, concepts, all contribute to the slow development of steel structure housing situation.
From the current domestic policy, although light steel structure residential energy savings in production and transport processes than concrete building, but the state is also considering, through the promotion of energy-saving light steel building can be much, whether the worthy, after all its technical maturity and cost have yet to be investigated. Light steel structure residential building is very promising product, housing high use, high accuracy, especially for low-rise houses and cottages. But developers face major cost is the construction deletion, supporting policies, steel housing needs in the national fire code and a series of ancillary products breakthrough has not been fully industrialized and other issues. Since there is no mandatory requirement for the promotion of development and economic benefits of steel construction compensation policy also led to the current situation of steel construction.
Light steel structure housing system in Europe and other countries has been very mature, but our only been applied in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities of the few, relevant industry standards are under development, so the current implementation of the project will be the use of experts form. A group of industry data show that the construction of low-rise residential light steel technology is evolved on the basis of the North American wood frame construction technology, the light steel structure is durable under normal circumstances the age of 275 years.
The face of market opportunities, urban and rural construction there is a great demand for residential space, to promote the development of steel buildings in the domestic market first need to standardize the construction of residential parts and the introduction of industry standards and regulations, thus promoting the development of steel housing market. Residential Steel government, developers, technology companies to work together. Government should develop appropriate policies and regulations to encourage residential construction steel structure to provide a good policy environment.
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