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Residential Steel leveraging the New Deal to win market

The central bank, the Ministry of Housing, the CBRC jointly issued the relevant two suites down payment of 20% to a minimum notice, is considered the first suite and two suites lifted financial leverage, will lead just need to type and improve overall pick type of market. Property of high value-added quality "route will regain market favor.
Favorable policies to reduce purchase threshold, will lead to many home buyers who rekindled enthusiasm. Buyers demand combined with policy guidance indicated earned by land value and financial leverage profits era has ended, quality-oriented is the future direction of development.
Green Building Conference recently held on rural ecology, energy saving large data, intelligent design and other topics by rural hot. According to the plan this year, China will add more than 300 million square meters of green building, goal doubled last year. In the building full life cycle, steel greater extent conserve resources, protect the environment and reduce pollution. Domestic listed companies Hangxiao Steel chairman told reporters single silver wood, green "putting the word steel to enhance the value of residential, residential growth points.
With the new urbanization advance to the depth in the field from time to time, in order to steel as the representative of the housing industry projects are put on the government agenda. About expedite the implementation of green building development opinions "new" Green Building Assessment Protocol "and other policies gradually introduced.
Transformation and upgrading of the wave, the enterprise market, "Corner meet love" has become the norm. Hangxiao single silver wood chairman told the author, it has passed the steel fabrication and installation, green building materials, construction general contracting, engineering and consulting services, real estate, five industrial sectors, began to build a complete industrial "aircraft carrier"
Single silver wood, said steel standardized design, industrialized production and assembly of the construction and decoration, and other characteristics of integration, driven by the market to accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, accelerate industrial restructuring, in favor of new channels, in the "improve the type" has taken an important choice step.
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