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Construction of steel plant safety problems and countermeasures

Sound development of China's construction steel structure, promote the restructuring of China's steel structure, so that China's construction steel structure has entered a new stage. Steel works because of its low cost, high strength, light weight, the advantages of construction speed, making a lot of steel in industrial plants, high-rise buildings have been obtained excellent applications. Meanwhile, the steel plant in the use of functional specificity, special requirements of the production process and span, high strength uniqueness, which need a lot of steel in the construction site lifting, welding, climb operations, to safety of construction workers It brought greater risk. Therefore, on security issues, it has been a top priority. Steel plant to be explored on the following major safety issues and its precautionary measures to be taken in construction.
In the actual construction of the steel plant, there are many security risks, specific measures taken are not the same, security is a major responsibility that we each shoulder construction workers, bearing in mind the lesson of blood, due diligence, and effectively do to safety, alarm bells ringing.
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